Lead Material Engineer (Water) (Bechtel)

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NEOM is a planned cross-border city in the Tabuk Province of northwestern Saudi Arabia. The site is near the Red Sea and the borders of Egypt, Israel, and Jordan. It will cover a total area of 26,500 km2 (10,200 sq. mi) and will extend 460 km along the coast of the Red Sea.”

NEOM will be the home and workplace to more than a million residents from around the world. It will include towns and cities, ports and enterprise zones, research centers, sports and entertainment venues, and tourist destinations. As a hub for innovation, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and companies will come to research, incubate, and commercialize new technologies and enterprises in groundbreaking ways.

Detailed Job Description Summary:

  • Plan and organize the review of the design consultant’s deliverables, interfacing with subject matter experts and design review teams.
  • Provide quality assessment reports to Project Management and the client.
  • Assist the Contracts Department and Construction teams in pre-construction and post-contract award activities.


Job Duties: 

·        Coordinate and manage the design review of the design consultant’s hazard and risk logs.

·        Coordinate the response to comments raised on deliverables by the likes of subject matter experts, the design review team, the Independent Checking Engineer, and Independent Safety Assessors.

·        Ensure the buildability of the proposed design and the suitability of materials.

·        Coordinate engineering efforts in assigned areas between specialty and other engineering groups or disciplines, with the client, suppliers, and contractors.

·        Coordinate and visit the job site as required, to resolve problems, interpret drawings and documents and provide technical support during the construction phase.

·        Coordinate with other disciplines, and consultants, and attend project meetings from time to time.

·        Coordinate with Contracts Department and Construction teams for supporting the pre-construction procurement process and the checking and assembly of the design documentation for issue as design-build or design-bid-build tender packages as required.

·        Review contractor’s construction drawings, respond to technical queries and technical submittals to ensure compliance with design intent.

·        Review design and engineering studies prepared by local and international engineering firms

·        Review changes or deviations in design scope, material quantities, budget or schedule, and assists particularly with defining the change, obtaining accurate estimates of the hours involved, and recommending budget adjustment.

·        Participate in site visits and investigations led by designers.

·        Take an active role in design reviews, interdisciplinary design reviews and provide comments.

·        Perform work that involves conventional design practice but may include complex features such as resolving conflicting design requirements, unsuitability of conventional materials and/or difficult coordination requirements.

·        Provide guidance for assured design quality and compliance with the client’s requirements, design guidelines, statutory requirements, local and international codes, standards and norms, and international standards of independent firms that are carrying out the detailed design.

·        Report progress, critical issues and risk to EPM design manager



Qualifications/Experience Essential Technical Skills:  

·        Experience in managing the design/installation/operation/maintenance of Water / Wastewater treatment plants, pumping stations and desalination plants

·        Knowledge of material related with large diameter pipe, valve, pump etc. for potable/waste water network, desalination plants and district cooling plant

·        Experience in both design-build and design-bid-build forms of procurement with contractors and consultants

·        Experience in field construction and inspection for initial acceptance.

·        Knowledge of relevant codes and standards pertinent to the discipline.

·        Thorough knowledge of discipline engineering techniques, the design of engineered systems and design calculations.

·        Knowledge of current computer applications for engineering and design including appropriate knowledge of CAD (both 2-D and 3-D) e.g AutoCAD, MS Word and Excel for managing design reviews

·        Understanding of the roles played by other departments on projects including basic construction practices and the economics involved.

·        A professional license from a recognized licensing or registration board.


Essential Behavioral Skills:

·        Excellent interpersonal, analytical and communication skills (oral and written).

·        Willingness to relocate to the job site in Saudi Arabia.

·        Proactive, supportive, inquisitive, challenging and result driven.

·        Hard working and motivated with high self-initiative.

·        Ability to manage multiple assignments, changing priorities and work with ambiguity.

·        Help others and receive help from others in achieving goals.

·        Acknowledge and value contribution from other team members.

·        Promote the creation of a work environment, supported by leadership, which fosters openness, trust, communication, teamwork, empowerment, innovation, and satisfaction.

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