CSSD Technician (Saudi German Hospitals Group UAE)

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SCOPE:Responsible for all aspects of administrative, functional, technical direction of the sterilization processes provided in CSSD Unit to maintain high standard. Makes decisions in consultation with Chief Nursing Officer for administrative issues and Chief of Operating Room Department for technical issues. Keeps both Nursing and Operating Room Department heads informed of related sterilization services rendered, observation, reinforcement of hospital regulations through scheduled and periodic spot checks. Hours are as assigned and may include on call.


  • Performs nursing administrative functions common to CSSD Unit either directly or by delegation to assigned service personnel.
  • Contributes to the establishment of Nursing shared mission, vision, and objectives ensuring appropriate and timely communication to the staff under supervision.
  • Solves problems relating to sterilization documenting it accordingly including in the running commentary, if it is involving staff under supervision.
  • Coordinates with Surgery and Operating Room Chiefs for the classification, standardization of instrumentations.
  • Checks to ensure all instruments for OR use are cleaned and sterilized according to sterilization standards.
  • Takes inventory with OR Head Nurse to segregate and replace defective instruments in the Operation Room.
  • Develops and maintains professional quality standards and makes recommendations for improvement of such standards.
  • Recommends educational activities for CSSD staff in CSSD Unit.
  • Supports hospital-wide safety plans by strictly enforcing rules and regulations concerning safety practices and disaster plans.
  • Communicates with subordinates, other healthcare team members, and clients in professional manner.
  • Conducts unit orientation for newly hired staff received in CSSD unit.
  • Evaluates assigned staff without bias at least annually and periodically as required.
  • Requests supplies and other required resources ensuring appropriate and efficient utilization avoiding wastage.
  • Keeps informed of current developments in the field of sterilization services and keeps the staff up-to-date of procedures through group discussions, lectures, and in-service training.
  • Collaborates with other departmental personnel in planning programs integrating the curative and preventive aspects of total patient care. Is responsible for the operation of approved curative-preventive programs as they relate to CSSD Unit.
  • Determines requirements and actions to assure availability of special equipment, drugs and supplies per the approval of Chief Nursing Officer and Operating Room Chief.
  • Plans and maintains master work schedules necessary for required performance of all staff assigned in CSSD Unit including leaves of absence, vacations, holiday, weekend and emergency on call schedules, and computation of off and overtime balances at the end of the month.
  • Works with CSSD Unit Consultants on problems affecting nursing service and practices in CSSD Unit.
  • Directs the personnel functions of assigned staff including application of SG Hospital personnel policies in employment, wages, conduct of employees, safety, and other related activities; handling grievances; administering warning and disciplinary actions where necessary in conformance with SG Hospital’s policies.
  • Participates on Nursing Quality Management and other hospital-wide committee programs as designated by the Chief Nursing Officer.
  • Assesses the situation of CSSD Unit equally distributing job assignments to CSSD staff according to skills and work loads.
  • Ensures safety at all times and sees to it that problems presented are attended in timely manner, properly documented, and reported to the Nursing Management according to the proper channels of communication.
  • Coordinates with allied departments to give information or coordinate work-related issues.
  • Reports to the Chief Nursing Officer, and Nursing Supervisors all significant occurrences in the unit.
  • Conducts staff counselling, as necessary.
  • Ensures that the CSSD Unit is well equippedwith gadgets, machines,instruments, and materialsneeded in the area; being able to demonstrate to the staff on the proper operation, cleaning and disinfection of equipment.
  • Reports to Bio-Medical and Maintenace Departments defective equipment and makes follow through until item is returned to the unit.
  • Represents the unit in the department or hospital’s meetings as designated.
  • Conducts unit meetings to tackle on issues affecting staff performance and other unit-related concerns in the sterilization processes.
  • Performs other duties as designated by the Chief Nursing Officer.
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